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Buy it again


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The “Good Old Days” are called the “Good Old Days” for a reason! I miss them.

I get that there is not enough sheep, wool, cotton in this world for all 8 billion of us. I get that we needed to invent nylon and polyester just so we could make enough clothes for everyone. But that doesn’t make it any better than when we did have enough.

Consumer products used to be good quality and lasted. Today, they are junk that break or quickly become obsolete. Funny how they managed to drain as much money from us as they could with an old product just in time for it to become obsolete because a better one just arrived. Think vinyl, 8-track, cassette, laser disc, CD, DVD, now mp3. They did seem to profit on each and every one. I’d bet they could have skipped a few steps but hadn’t milked us enough yet. Not yet convinced. Well, they also did it with TV. Black and white, then color, SD, then HD, then 1080p, then 4k, now what? 8k? What are we up to? iPhone 15? Microsoft thinks your dumb, Windows 11…yeah right, more like 20!

Think your EV is the ultimate. Guess again, in 5 years it’ll be obsolete and something else will be better.

Today’s consumer products are designed to fail or become obsolete. Most can’t even be repaired when they fail. You are supposed to send them off to recycling or a landfill and buy a new one. We used to worry about the amount of garbage we were creating. Now garbage is our friend, it makes our companies and their shareholders rich.

I really don’t want to play the Social Media game and get pulled into their timesuck. So, I have no FaceBook, Instagram, X (Twitter), or SnapChat accounts. If you want to holler at me, try good old-fashioned email. I know it’s 1990’s, but I’m not likely gonna read it anyway.