Episode description

Air travel is routinely touted as being the safest way to move from one place to another. Not surprising when you calculate the number of deaths to miles traveled. Each flight covers hundreds or thousands of miles so the denominator is large. But the same is true for rail too. And they no longer even publish travel by ship. Which you can expect to also be low.

Simply put, any form of travel other than being on the road in a car, truck, or motorcycle is very safe. Unless you are in a helicopter.

The problem, and the focus of this episode, is that travel by air unlike others means is a huge pain in the neck and loaded with inequities. From the cost to the inconvenience to being treated sub-human, it could all be much better than what we accept.

If we weren’t always in such a hurry, other means of travel are way better. And if this country was as leading edge as they want you to believe, then we’d have rail service much like Europe and Japan.

For more facts on safety… Check out Newark Parking rates, you’ll be surpised…

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